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Anele is a UX studio that helps businesses scale impact. 

I‘m Elena Haskins!

When I was 5, I drew a picture and glued it to a cereal box and cut it into 50 jagged pieces. I gave it to my mom as a present so we could put the puzzle together. 

That has never stopped. 

I created Anele so I could help organizations put pieces together and spend more time scaling their support for their communities and audiences.

I’m currently based in Tulsa, OK, but have worked primarily in New York City. I'm a big fan of Kan Jam, Catan, and putting Sriracha on everything!

You can learn more about me at elenajhaskins.com or follow on Linkedin.

Learn about my approach below.

a myriad of experience

No industry goes untouched.
We're ready for whatever you throw at us!

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My APproach

My approach to product design is about connecting all parts of the picture and addressing problems that we didn’t even know were problems - that can manifest as an app, a digital tool, and sometimes it all boils down to revamping the systems or processes internally.

You’re an expert at what you do.

You’re addressing a problem that needs some love, and I'm here to amplify your efforts and design what you need to get there - and further. 

All of my design decisions are rooted in research from getting to know your stakeholders and audience.

My holistic approach allows us to view everything from your business goals, branding guidelines, down to the naming conventions of your files as a part of one living ecosystem of your company.