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we can't keep all the fun to ourselves!

I've always loved public speaking (and no, I don't even have to picture everyone naked!).

I love what I do, and I want to share it... with you, with your team, with your friends.

Looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, a design workshop to bring your team or stakeholders together?

Let's do it.

Topics: Untangling complexity product workshops (Object Oriented UX), UX design practices, UX career transitioning,

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Elena speaking in front of a crowd at a conference

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"Secret Weapon to Bridge Developers and Designers: Object Oriented User Experience" - Speaker at Thunderplains Development Conference 2023

"More than just your work: Personal Branding for UX Designers" - Speaker at Ideate Labs UX Conference

0 to 100: From Jr. Designer to Founding a UX Design Studio and Mentorship Program -  Podcast Guest on Pixelated Perfect

From Mentorship to Mastery: Forging Community in UX Design - Podcast Guest on UX Untamed

The Apprenticeship Opportunities of the Future with Elena Haskins - Podcast Guest on Design Hires

"The Spoon Effect: How to Make Problem Solving and Creativity Second Nature" - Guest lecturer at Ignite Bentonville Schools

Judge for the CreateX CreateRU Hackathon at Rutgers University

Meet Elena Haskins UX and Product Designer and Post Grad Mentor - Article on Shoutout Socal magazine

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Tulsa News On 6 - Speaking about Tulsa Remote

Today Explained: VOX - Speaking about Tulsa Remote

The Great Resignation: BBC 21:00 - Speaking about Tulsa Remote

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