Jr. UX Mentorship Career program

Attention: This program is concluded. The last cohort 5 was in Summer 2023. Thank you all who were involved, applied, and volunteered for past cohorts.

Has it been months of applying and applying to UX jobs...you've been doing everything, you've been networking, applying to hundreds of applications, and it hasn't stuck..

This mentorship is for you. This is:

  1. An 8-week small group community-oriented mentorship program that helps dedicated, job seekers get to the next level.
  2. Only for people who have already put in effort of applying, bettering themselves as a UX professional, and have been searching for a while
  3. The program focuses on a different career aspects of the UX job hunt. This is for people looking for their first UX full-time job, not for someone who wants to learn about UX.
  4. Cost-free to all participants, but they are required to attend all the sessions.
  5. Meetings are every Thursday night at 6-7:30pm ET. via Zoom.

This program does NOT teach UX. It teaches career related things for UX. Participants must be actively applying to jobs.

UX Researchers and UI specific designers are welcome to apply. This is a career-focused program so it will still be helpful, but my background is more UX design so it will lean more towards that.

PLEASE READ: Who is eligible?

  • Must have already been applying for a while. People who recently graduated from a bootcamp in the last few months are not eligible. (This specific program is geared at helping people who have done as much as they can on their own, trying different methods but need additional support)
  • Must have a UX Portfolio already
  • Have not gotten a full-time job in UX
  • Must have already completed classes, bootcamp, or self-taught (This program is NOT for people that have zero UX experience)
  • Able to join Thursday at 6-7:30pm ET evenings
  • You must be within North American timezones (This is so you can easily attend and communicate with everyone around the same time) - Hawaii and Alaska timezones okay, South American folks permitted
  • All ages allowed
  • UX Researchers and UI specific designers are welcome to apply. This is a career-focused program so it will still be helpful, but my background is more UX design so it will lean more towards that.
  • People that identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or folks with disabilities are encouraged to apply

Group Zoom photo of UX Design Mentorship Program

have an hour and want to volunteer?

Do you want to support Jr. UX folks?

Looking for all levels professionals that have landed a job in: UX, Product, Creative, Tech, HR

Ways to help: Mock interviews, networking, portfolio feedback, coffee dates, etc.

Learn about Volunteer Opportunities
After being accepted into the 1st cohort and working with Elena, I said to myself "I don't wanna leave."Elena is like that cool friend who gives you great constructive criticism and isn't afraid to tell you the truth (we all need someone like this). She's not a high-level boss lady, she's just a normal person like you. Not only did I learn a bunch of new things to level up my skills as a designer, but also leveled up my personal branding to get multiple recruiter calls and interviews lined up, and finally landed a full-time job at a creative agency in NYC.

- Peter from Cohort 1

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How Does this Work?

  • Time commitment: ~3/week hrs
  • Each cohort will be a community with 6 people
  • Sessions are Thursdays at 6-7:30pm ET for 8 weeks
  • Every session has a carefully crafted curriculum that focuses on a different part of the job search
  • Recommended weekly tasks to work on different topics that are discussed  - things you’ll already be doing anyways  (ie. Edit resume, create list of questions for interviews, participate in a coffee date)
  • Get weekly individual support from TA office hours
  • 1:1s with Elena at the start, middle, and end of the cohort
  • Get feedback on your interviewing, portfolio, bio, and more!

What is an ideal applicant?

This program is meant for people who have already tried everything they can on their own: attending events, joining communities, networking, doing passion projects but need an extra boost to get them there. Very community oriented people - over achievers welcome ;)

  • Someone who is willing to put in the work to get yourself a job - we won't do it for you
  • Open and excited to feedback
  • Excited to be in a community and actively engage with others via Slack by sharing feedback and asking questions
  • Self-starter, this is a fast past program

Who will not be selected?

  • People who just graduated a boot camp recently
  • People who haven't done anything on their own to improve themselves as UX people
  • People outside the North American timezones (Hawaii and Alaska timezones okay)
  • People who are in UX just for the money
  • People who aren't willing to show up and do the work
  • People who aren't interested in the community aspect
  • People who expect to get a job immediately

What will I walk away with when the program ends?

  • Ways to stand out as an applicant
  • Ready to go elevator pitch and personal narrative for interviews
  • Connections with fellow UX designers
  • Portfolio and interview deck feedback
  • More confidence with public speaking and presenting

What does this cost?

The program is free of cost. But mentees must be selected from competitive pool and commit to participating through the entirety of the program.

Where does this take place?

All sessions are via Zoom and recorded for your reference. Communication is done via Slack and homework is shared on Google Drive.

What if I have to miss a session?

  • There is a 2 strike rule, that gives participants flexibility if things come up. Participants are asked to attend all sessions.
  • This is to ensure that everyone is active and committed to growing their career.

Will I get a job after?

That's the goal! Anele does not do any sort of job placement and does not guarantee that you'll get a job. You'll earn skills, support, and feedback to use as you go through the job search process.

You get what you put in. If you don't put any effort in, you won't walk away with much.

What if I'm not selected?

You'll recieve an email (no ghosting here!) with additional resources.

While this program might not be the best fit for every UX applicant, there will be many workshops and opportunities in the future. You can sign up here to be notified. This isn't a newsletter, you won't be spammed.

Are there referrals?

No - we really appreciate word of mouth. But having a referral does not improve candicacy. I recognize alot of success revolves around "who you know" and for a program like this, I want everyone to have equal opportunity.

Will Elena be my mentor?

Yes! After many iterations, we have slimmed the program to 6 participants at a time so Elena can get to know them better and give more targetted feedback. You'll have the opportunity for three 1:1s, at the start, middle, end. There will be Teacher's Assistants there to help and to meet weekly for office hours.

What does the application process look like?

An application with a few questions and a place to submit your portfolio. No resumes or cover letters. Those selected for an interview will participate in a 1hr group interview and find out within a week.

What does each session look like?

The sessions will be a mix of lecture with tips and stories from personal experience from Elena, interactive group activities and feedback sessions, and Q&A.

Every session is 1.5 hours.

What does the application process look like?

An application with a few questions and a place to submit your portfolio. No resumes or cover letters. Those selected for an interview will participate in a 30 minute group interview and find out within a week.

I'm not in UX, but I need a mentor. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, this program is tailored to UX specifically. We recommend ADPList to find other kinds of mentors.

Is this a school?

No! This is run by a fellow designer who wants to help others designers. There is a curriculum and there are aspects that are similar to school. But this is not a certified program, it's a mentorship and accountability program.

What happens if I get a job in the middle of the program? Am I kicked out?

Absolutely not! We ask that people in the program finish the entirety since there are lots of long term skills that are addressed that go beyond job searching and to maintain the community. We can chat on a case by case basis.

This mentorship helped me build confidence in how to present my work and better explain who I am as a designer. The main thing I benefitted from during this mentorship was the connections I made with other designers who are starting off just like myself and creating a sense of community that was willing to help each other improve.

Elena provides great feedback and overall great advice on how to word your responses when in an interview or how to leverage our past experiences and transferring them into UX Design. Every meeting was a great experience with thoughtful discussion and made me feel comfortable to share my thoughts without judgement.

- Priscilla from Cohort 1