Leveraging AI to help businesses translate their data into growth

Noogata is an analytics solution that offers a no-code tool that allows businesses to input their data, run specific functions, and create new data that will impact their strategies and marketing using AI. This design helped them secure 2nd round of VC funding of $12million




SaaS desktop tool and Data and AI for Enterprise


User flows

Wireframe prototype

UI design


Product designer (Collab with The Design Project)

Organizations that are data driven are 23X more likely to acquire customers

The Challenge

As data analytics has become a key player in the modern business toolbelt, it can get very expensive to collect and maintain the right information. How can we make data more accessible for enterprise companies in a simple and intuitive way?

Gathering Context about the Problem

The first step I do with my start-up clients, is collaborate to fill out a Lean UX Canvas. This allows me to deeply understand the product needs, contraints, contexts, and how it fits into the bottom line of the business.

I like to give my clients a head start to fill it out, which opens conversations to define scope, requirements, and kick off the project.

For this tool, I explored the board installation flow and searched for ways to make it more efficient.

What’s Everyone Else Doing?

With each feature, I’ve explored what similar companies are doing. For the first sprint, we were creating a marketplace to house all the different boards a user could download. I looked at examples from other industries to see what they had in common. I even observed at e-commerce sites like Etsy and Facebook marketplace to see how images and text were used together to represent one entity.

Identifying Core Objects Used Through the Experience

I use a process called object-oriented UX that places objects at the core of the process, and then link all the corresponding tasks. In this case, a board is a repetitive item that a user will interact with. By identifying all the tasks that are rooted to the one object, it makes it easier to surface new use cases.

Helping Users Cut Through Data Noise, and Answer Key Business Questions

We mapped out the user flows so users could easily navigate the platform and answer key business questions like,

  • How does our pricing compare to our competitors?
  • What are the key trends that are impacting our industry?
  • What are the most popular search words in Amazon for products similar ours yours?

Basic Flow of Point A to Point B within the Board Marketplace

Through conversations with the client to understand the current flows, I was able to map out the general flow for the tool. Users would have access to boards that they both own and are interested in. They can house sets of data within the pages and observe trends. Drawing out the flow made it easier for me to understand the relationship all the components had.

As companies shift to a data-centric approach, it can be easy to fall into the trap of having too much data, most of which provides little to no actual value. That’s a waste of time and money for everyone. We designed the prototype to allow users to shop around a marketplace-style page and hand-pick functions that will give them the exact information they need.

Capturing Trends and Patterns in One Place

A key part of our solution allows analysts to see past and present trends from their data. Everything is housed together on one dashboard where users can access all relevant information and spreadsheets. Teams can access past data, set up recurring runs, and see an overview of how all the pieces of information are connected.

Leveraging The Most Important Data

Noogata is using the newest additions for client and investor demos. The current tool can be bought as an SAAS or a tool living within their customer’s cloud. The platform currently supports multiple data runs and allows users to see aggregated data needed to make informed business decisions.

Snapshots of the Live Product

Now what?

The new platform is more simple, user friendly. The platform design helped land Noogata $12million in seed funding in 2021.

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